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"It's not what you see that matters, it's how you see it." Henry David Thoreau

A little about me; I'm Kris, the "K" in k dunlap photography. I received my first camera for my 12th birthday in lieu of red, vinyl bean-bag chair. My parents are the two most extraordinary people I've ever met. My sisters are my best friends and family is everything. I love 60's Jazz, antiques and my dog Gracie, who is often by my side while I'm out shooting. I really like to bake and I've been known to eat two cans of green beans for dinner, but my passion, my passion is photography.

"The Daily Post - Photo Journal" is where you will find my latest work and my, almost daily, rants.

A little about you? Please sign my guest book below and let me know you were here. Feel free to make comments on any of the photo's, I always love feedback.

If you would like to send me a personal note, email me at info@kdunlapphotography.com. I'll get right back to you.

Take your time and poke around my galleries and most of all, ENJOY!


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